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I know some of you speak russian. Please, Could any of you help me to translate this?:


I hope I wrote it write.

Many thanks in advance. ^^

PD: OK, Problem solved! Thanks a lot to Katana-the-Grey and DecoGoddess for helping me. ^^
I have replied each of you but I wanted to thank you all again for your support and your wise advices.

I know that mature art and artists are not very appreciated by some people and it's normal to get not... ' positive ' reviews, reviews that some times turn into personal attacks. Sometimes it's not easy to ignore them, specially when you are in low mood like I was today but, after read your thoughts, your experiences... I felt much better and I took the decision to go on drawing mature art, improve it and not let things like insults from a rabid person to get me down.

That's why I love Deviantart. Here, surrounded by fellow artists, you can find help to your problems. Again, thanks a lot for your help. I said this before but it's really appreciated.

No need to reply, this was just for send you all a big thanks.


As you all are artists and some of you, as I do, like to draw mature drawings, I wanted to ask this, Did you ever wanted to give up drawing them or just wanted to stop posting drawings in the net because flamers?

I'm asking this because, I'm tired... tired of being insulted and see how my art called pervert or nastier things. Am I that sick? I really hope not.

All this started when I had to ban a crazy kid from the forum I was as a mod. She insulted because she wanted a mail that I had and registered several months before she could do it (yes, I still cannot believe that someone could obssess over such a silly thing to call you stealer and insult you because it) and she insulted several members there and here (too) because they did mature art too. Well, she was banned like 6 times there and two here, in deviantart, (I was so fool to give her several opportunities that always ended in more insults) and well, she followed to youtube and went on harrassing me there and, still does, she keeps saying there that she was banned because I'm racist, and I hate bisexual people, that I draw Irina Spalko being raped... what the hell??! and other lies that I won't bore you all with. I know she is just a kid but, being insulted all the time, seeing how someone tells such a nasty lies about you through the net is so exhausting.

Sorry for the long post, I feel a bit down and I needed to leave all out. I know that I'm exposing for more attacks by just posting this but, I wanted to know your opinion about this.

Well, to not make it any longer... have any of you been in the same situation? What you did? Did it annoy you and make you feel bad because you like mature art? That's why I do not draw anymore, I do not feel in the mood. I just think, why bother? Why bother to draw anything that some people will call sick or pervert? Any thoughts about it?

Many thanks in advance to you all, fellows

What can I say? I simply adore Garbo and she deserved my first journal entry at Deviantart. I would add more to this post but I'm a person of few words and I think pics say it all. Divine.……
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